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This course can no longer be booked.

Game Development

Level Up Your Skills in Game Development: Create, Innovate, Play!

  • Ended
  • From 2.500.000 Rupiah Indonesia
  • Infinite Learning @ Nongsa Digital Park

Service Description

Our Game Development course is a comprehensive program designed to unleash your creativity and equip you with the skills to bring your game ideas to life. Introduction: Structure of Game Design Documentation Game Overview - Game Platform Game Overview - Genre Game Overview - Audience Game Overview - Flow & Layout Chart Game Overview - Character Game Play & Mechanic - Win or Lose Game Play & Mechanic - Movement Game Play & Mechanic - Key Game Game Play & Mechanic - Behavior Game Storyboarding - Story & Narrative Game Storyboarding - Game World Game Storyboarding - Character Introduction to Game Art Art Fundamentals Introduction to Animation Concept Art Audience/Theme/Genre/Stylization Building Functionality & Props Functionality Level Design Introduction Capstone Challenge: Build the 3Cs of game (Characters, Control, Camera). Intermediate: Combat Systems Player System AI (Artificial Intelegent) Game User Interface - Audio Game User Interface - System Control Game User Interface - Help System Level Design Game User Interface - Visual System Core System 2D - Tiles & Tilemaps 2D - Game Blocks 2D - UI Elements 2D - Terrain 2D - Characters 2D - Background 2D - Exporting Basics & Assets Posing a Character Timing & Spacing Overlap & Follow Throught Pose Transitions Lower Body Walk Lower Body Run Full Body Walk Full Body Run Walk with Prop Introduction to Modelling Blocking a Model with References Model Finalizing & Clean Up Retopology Basics Hard Surface Low Poly Modelling for Games UV Theory UV Layout & Texture Preparation Texturing Capstone Challenge: Build Game Core Loop Advance: Run & Jump Parkour Forces & Weight Weight Lift Combat Actions Flight Scene Introduction to Character Modeling Character Modelling Clothing & Accessories Character UV & Texturing Introduction to Environment Modeling Environment Basics & advance Introduction to Unreal Engine gameplay feature Blueprints Game Mechanics & Systems Building a Level User Input & Animation Basics Cameras FX & Audio Adapting to Change Polish & Testing Post Mortem Player Interactions - Events & Delegates Memory Management Level Loading & Streaming Advance Animation & Sequencer Introduction to AI - Behavior Trees & Blackboards AI Continued - Perceptions Introduction to Networking Networking Continued Advanced Debugging Profiling & Optimization Capstone Challenge: Develop Playable Game

Contact Details

  • Nongsa Digital Park, Digital Park, Sambau, Batam City, Riau Islands, Indonesia

    +62 859-6723-5440

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