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Perfect Scores Every Batch Make Infinite Learning's Graduates In Demand: A New Milestone Achieved in Red Hat Certification

Infinite Learning has once again proven its commitment to excellence in tech education by successfully hosting a short bootcamp and examination for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification. This bootcamp is participated by 78 dedicated students, eager to enhance their skills and achieve this certification.

Bootcamp and Examination Success

The bootcamp took place last 2 weeks, providing intensive training and preparation for the RHCSA exam. Students were put through rigorous training sessions, ensuring they were well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the examination.

The results of the bootcamp were nothing short of impressive. Out of the 78 participants, an outstanding 91% successfully passed the exam. Notably, 32% of these successful candidates achieved a perfect score of 300, showcasing their exceptional understanding and mastery of the material.

Consistent Excellence in Pass Rates

This achievement marks a significant milestone for Infinite Learning, highlighting the consistency and quality of their training programs. In the first batch, 89% of participants passed the RHCSA exam. This success rate slightly increased in the second batch, with 91.9% of students passing. The current batch's 91% pass rate reaffirms Infinite Learning's dedication to maintaining high standards of education and student performance.

Looking Ahead

Infinite Learning remains committed to providing top-notch educational programs that empower students to achieve their career goals. With each successful batch, Infinite Learning continues to strengthen our reputation as a leading provider of tech solution.

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and programs from Infinite Learning, as we continue to support and guide students towards a bright and successful future in the world of technology.

Congratulations once again to all those who passed, and we look forward to celebrating many more successes with our future batches! (J)

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