We are looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds with industry experience, and/or academic experience. The Academy works at a fast pace and requires everyone to be highly self motivated. Successful candidates need to be critical, flexible thinkers and strong collaborative skill 

Do you speak code?

Are you a team player? do you have a passion in developing people?

The candidate has a good experience in different programming languages. His skills must be related to the methodology and practice of teaching and above all he has to bring a high level of pedagogical expertise in coaching and mentoring. The candidate must be open to learning and exploring new pedagogical models. You will be expected to learn alongside your students. You will be expected to work with an extended team to build a strong collection of the best teaching practices and materials including creating technical solutions for use in-house by students, teachers and administrators of the Apple Developer Academy and the Foundation programs.

Key Qualifications :

  • Deep interest in new pedagogical models. Experience in Challenge Based Learning, enquiry-based practices, or experiential learning models a plus. 

  • A passion to challenge the status quo and to experiment with new and exciting classroom practices

  • A proven experience in empowering students to reach their potential

  • Experience in teaching Programming Language, more specifically experience with one or

    more of JAVA, C++, Objective-C and Swift.

  • Experience with developer IDEs including Eclipse and ideally Xcode

  • Experience with build and deployment tools, e.g., Git, Maven, Gradle, etc

  • Experience with Learning Management systems

  • Masters degree, Doctorate or equivalent highly desirable.


Do you always strive to learn more?

Do you a passion in developing people?

Are you crazy enough to change the world?

The candidate has experience in UI/UX design, in industry and/or in academic environment. This candidate has hands-on experience in app design and visual style and preferably can point to an App live in the App Store in which they were a contributing design team member.

Key qualifications :

  • Experience in working with software development, preferably in mobile UI

  • Strong understanding of UX fundamentals (user experience, the importance of context, the iOS Human Interface Guidelines) and UX Process (user research, empathy and understanding, personna, user stories, prototyping...)

  • Strong understanding of professional practices in software/mobile design.

  • Understanding the relationship between creativity, design and implementation.

  • Understanding and able to execute design fundamentals in their work. (text, color, Images..)

  • A good understanding/experience of Design for Business (branding, advertising, communication media, marketing materials...)

  • Familiarity with media editing and 3D rendering a plus.

  • Familiarity with the Design Thinking framework a plus


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