Commitment Journey

You are advised to carefully read these informations below, understand and follow the commitment journey to keep your seat. Fail to do so, your seat will be given to another candidate:

Deadline on 14th February 2020

  1. Create a simple video, not more than 3 minutes, to show your commitment and goal to join this program. 

  2. You have to provide a supporting letter :

  • Student: Supporting letter from your school/university and your parents to join this program.​

  • Employee: Supporting letter from your company that show you have full support to take 10 months program, 4 hours per day, Monday to Friday as per confirmed session.

  • Entrepreneur/Others: Supporting letter from your team or business partner(s) that support you to join this 10 months program, 4 hours per day, Monday to Friday as per confirmed session.

  • Unemployed: Supporting letter from your spouse or parents.

Please send the video link and supporting documents to e-mail : with e-mail subject : Supporting Documents

On 26th February 2020

Student commitment form sign: you have to come to our Academy and sign student commitment form.

Please fill this form below to confirm that you have read and understand all information above.

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